1.1 Update + The Zium Garden Launch

Today The Zium Garden has launched, and it contains a playable version of this museum experience. We highly recommend checking out the whole of The Zium Garden, but keeping in line with that version, we've also updated the standalone version to match the additional content and fixes provided. It has been quite an experience bringing this idea to life and being a part of something bigger.

Just a brief bit of history behind the project, originally it was planned to be more of a reverse-horror-yet-still-horror game where the player would run around a generated maze, for a jam taking place around the same time as The Museum(s) Jam, but still have to account for not startling one of the actual monsters lurking about. Of course, that maze code made its way into this game. Some say a monster from that old project may be lurking about in the Mazeum. Don't worry about it, they're probably only there to look at the exhibits.

Version Notes:

1.1 (09/14/2018)

- Things cleaned up internally. You can't see it but it matters, like the ductwork.
- Visual optimizations. See more works and more frames, but not works in frames.
- Additional sculpture materials. More potential for the artists.
- Movement improved. Let no framerate keep you from visiting.
- Jump added. Short but "realistic".

1.0 (04/29/2018)

- Initial release. The museums are open.


Windows (64-bit) (1.1) 64 MB
Sep 14, 2018
Windows (32-bit) (1.1) 62 MB
Sep 14, 2018
Mac (Universal) (1.1) 78 MB
Sep 14, 2018
Linux (Universal) (1.1) 82 MB
Sep 14, 2018

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